Thursday, May 22, 2008

Autodesk Online Tech Support

Customers with Subscription! Have you been utilizing your Autodesk Online Tech Support Service? If not here’s how!
Ask the Contract Manager in your firm to add your name to users that may post online questions.
If your Contract Manager (the one who gets the Autodesk products) has not set up the Subscription service yet, in North America they should call Autodesk customer service at 800-538-6401 and ask to be sent the “Welcome to Subscription" email, that will explain how they can get set up. Once that is done, visit and you’re ready! We have had great reports that the Autodesk online tech service is prompt and knowledgeable.
For our local customers, you are always welcome to call your sales rep at CommTech too, to log a call for you. The reason we want to pass along this information is that often times our techs are in class training, or at a customer site, and they can't respond to you very quickly. We know what it's like to be having computer problems and a deadline looming overhead, and then you can't get hold of anyone to help you!
In other areas of the world, you'll need to ask your local reseller if this service is available from the local language Autodesk website. Your local Autodesk reseller will be able to help you find it. They also can walk you through these steps, to get yourself signed up with Autodesk Online Tech support.

This blog entry was the idea of one of the most wonderful salespeople you ever could have the privilege to meet, our own Lorri Williams. She wrote most of the text, so I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due!

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