Monday, April 30, 2007

You want a solid from your surface?

Ok, so I had a customer call me up today and ask me if Civil 3D could quickly create a solid from a surface. Apparently, they create physical models of the surface for use in their wind tunnel (how cool is that?) and the equipment that creats the models has to use a solid.

Sounds like a good challenge to me. So, looking around, there seem to be several ways to do this but all of them are very time consuming, until I stumble upon this little gem. Someone out there in the great wide internet wrote a lisp routine that will create a solid out of 3d faces. So, in Civil 3D, you can display your surface as 3D faces, explode the surface (or better yet use the Extract Objects from Surface routine in 2008), and run this neat little routine and you have a solid. It took about 5 minutes to process 1,400 faces in 2008.

Now, I know I focus primarily on Civil 3D (all of my previous three posts so far) but this will work for Land Desktop as well. Just import your 3d Faces into your drawing and away you go!

If you are interested, you can find the lisp routine HERE

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Friend!

Thank you very much!
I spent 2 days to convert civil 3D surface to solid model.but I can not figure out,But when I saw your lisp command than used it,It finished in 10 minuts,I nearly gave up to convert solid model,now your lisp command helped me o lot, so I really thank you again,sorry lack of my English I am not sure am I explanied good or not?

Best Regards,