Thursday, July 24, 2008

AutoCAD 2009 Update

Today when I opened my AutoCAD 2009, I received a notice to install an Update, which I thought was curious. I clicked on the link, and read through the Instructions for Updating my Product. At the bottom there was a link that said 'Read Me'. I clicked on it, because I was wondering what exactly an 'update' was. After telling me who should install this update, it had a listing for "Primary Issues Resolved by this Update". Curiouser and curioser. As I read through them, I realized, "Oh! This is a Service Pack!" ( I admit to being a little slow this morning)

I guess a service pack by any other name sounds much more sweet - a little less like fixing what was wrong, and a little more like adding more and better functions.
Here is a link to the Read Me file, which ought to be read. 2009 UPDATE READ ME.

The things that will be improved by this update are:
3D Visual Styles
Annotation Scaling
External References (xref) palette
Raster Images
Partial Open
Properties Palette
Remote text (rtext)

Individual little glitches have been fixed in:
.NET API - Annotation Scaling – Attributes – Blocks - Export a Layout to Model Space - External Reference ESW – Hatch - Hide/Shade - Menu Browser - Multileader (mleader) - Multiline Text (mtext) - Open/Save - Partial Open – Plot - Property Palette – Publish - Quick Properties – Render – RECOVER – Ribbon - Visual LISP - ZOOM

You'll have to go to the Read Me to find out what exactly they changed...

Also, be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom and read the part entitled, "Known Issues with this Update". Your Ribbon customization could be affected after you install Update 1, so you'll want to know what's going to happen, and the work-arounds they list. Last but by no means least, the Read Me has instructions for installing this Update for network installations, so if that's you, be sure to read that.

And here is the link to Update 1, the eagerly awaited service pack for AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT 2009. I hope this slays all the gremlins that live in your computer's 2009 AutoCAD files.

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