Thursday, December 18, 2008

No More Late Nights in the Office

Have you ever had a deadline that meant you had to stay at the office until the project was finished, no matter how late it got? I know it can be exciting in a scary-movie kind of way to be alone in an office building late at night, long after even the cleaning crews have gone home...or not! Honestly, I'd rather be home at night. Even if I have work to finish I like it better if, once the job is finally done, my commute consists of walking from my desk to my bed!

If the place where you work has their AutoCAD products on Subscription, and you work for a commercial business (not, for example, an educational facility or Autodesk Reseller) and you have a decent home computer, there is another benefit to you that I think you will truly like. It's called Home Use, and it's only available to Autodesk subscription customers.

What it means is that you, as the licensee of the software, may install a second copy of the program at a second location away from your office location under the following conditions: (and I quote)
--Such second location may include installation on a computer located at the home of an employee or on an employee’s personal computer.
--The use of the software when installed at such second location shall be to produce work related to your internal business needs or for your employee’s personal education or training needs.
This Home Use benefit applies only for as long as your software is on subscription and only to the number of licenses of the program that are on subscription.

Even if your AutoCAD products are on a network license, you can still do this, you just have to apply for a companion stand-alone serial number. This will work as long as your subscription is current, and a company can do this for as many licenses as they have.
Most of the Autodesk products are eligible, except enterprise/server-based products and those that do not require activation. Only commercial licenses are eligible, as I said before. NFR (Not for Resale) and EDU (Education) licenses are not eligible, so if you work for a school or an Autodesk reseller, don't try this at home. If my experience is anything to go by, most of those folks have laptops anyways, and are constantly bringing work home...kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn't it?
CORRECTON! I made a mistake when I first wrote this, I stated that it wasn't available for Government offices. It is.
This benefit IS available to you if you work for a government office. Only NFR and EDU licenses don't have this option. All the rest are considered commercial, even though their purchasing is done differently than, say, a construction company, the licenses themselves are considered commercial.

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